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About Bright Green Corporation

They stand out as the only NASDAQ-listed company selected and approved by the U.S drug enforcement administration (DEA) for cultivation and sale of medical cannabis and cannabis-related products to pharmaceutical companies and research institutions in the U.S and globally. 

Bright Green Corporation:

The only NASDAQ listed company with U.S. federal authorization for cultivation of medical cannabis and API for Schedule 1 drugs

Why Choose Bright Green

Key differentiating factors of bright Green's EB-5 Program

Fast track EB-5 program with accelerated approvals between 3-6 months

Combining its extensive expertise and experience in Asian Investor Reporting with its Fintech enabled solutions from ACPG’s portfolio company, Aleta Planet, ACPG will facilitate applicants through their U.S. green card application process from start to finish. 


Bright Green Corporation announces exclusive partnership with Asia Capital Pioneers Group to present new EB-5 offering

Bright Green Corporation (BGXX) (“BGXX”, “Bright Green” or the “Company”) today announced the Company’s new alliance with Asia Capital Pioneers Group Inc. (“ACPG”), an Asia-based investment firm with global investments within high growth industries. ACPG will be BGXX’s exclusive Asia partner, connecting the Company with applicants that fulfill the requirements for permanent U.S. residency via an EB-5 Investment Visa in the Asia-Pacific region.